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Weifang Green Life Foods Co., Ltd passed the SEDEX audit

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SEDEX is the abbreviation of Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.
Weifang Green Life Foods Co., Ltd  through SEDEX audit
SEDEX is the abbreviation of Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. A non-profit organization based in London, UK, where companies from anywhere in the world can apply for membership.
SEDEX has been favored by many large retailers and manufacturers, including Co-op, Geest, Grampian-Foods, HallmarkCards...Sainsbury and Tesco.
Many retailers, supermarkets, brands, suppliers, and other organizations require farms, factories, and manufacturers to work with SEDEX member ethics audits (SMETA) to ensure that their operations meet ethical standards and audit results can be It is recognized by all SEDEX members and shared by them, so the supplier can accept many duplicate audits from customers by accepting the SEDEX audit.
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